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Doll & Toy Chatter is a Bi-Annual publication is the official magazine of the International  Federation of Toy Clubs I.F.T.C.  Each issue is packed with articles written by our members educating others of the dedication to our hobbies observed in a world-wide audience. With full color and black and white photos.                                                    

Each issue comes packed with fun articles on collecting, Antique, Modern, Vintage, Toys, Dolls, Action Figures, Teddy Bears, Trains, Miniatures & More. 

Formerly known as Doll Chatter News  the dream of Michael J. Kouri an Antique Toy Collector who is an active member of UFDC, and has collected Schoenhut's Humpty Dumpty Circus, and other toys most of his life. He is also the founder and president of the Antique Toys For Girls & Boys Research Club in Southern California and is a certified appraiser/dealer of antiques and loves sharing his hobby, learning from others and sharing his own knowledge with his friends around the world. What a better way to do this, than with an organization dedicated to collecting Toys.

The yearly subscription rate is reasonably priced at just $30.00 per year (US) and $45.00 {outside the US}. Shipped 2 times a year. Each issue introduces collectors, doll & toy experts and friends Michael meets at the doll and toy events he visits around the world. Articles are written by members and our sparse advertising is only from dealers we know stand behind their products. Every issue is packed full of Fun!

Doll & Toy Chatter brings the joys of collecting Antique, Vintage, and Modern Dolls & Toys to everyone interested in collecting, research and more. Every issue contains 99% articles and 1% advertising unlike other magazines who offer the reverse. Unique Toys for Girls & Boys, is a column that explores current trends in Toy Collecting today. Hitty's Page chronicles the life of Hitty and her friends in both images and text, Learn how to repair your dolls and with The Doll Doctor. Attic Finds showcases interesting toys found at estate sales, Yard Sales, Swapmeets and Collectors shows around the world - see what great deals our subscribers find and share with us in each issue. Chalk Talk features subscribers comments, Tea Time introduces you to credible dealers and friends of the publiser/creator of this quarterly magazine - there is so much more packed into each and every issue. Other column titles include: Antique Toys Made For Just For Boys, Modern Doll Artist spotlight, Crafters Corner brings fun little crafts to make for your dolls, bears, dollhouses or toys and other unique articles complete each issue. If you're a Doll or Toy Collector, You won't want to be without a subscription to
Doll & Toy Chatter. Price: $30.00 (Us subscriptions) per year or $40.00 for all sales outside the U.S.
Prices include shipping. Advertise your club event, Doll & Toy Shows, Sales, and more with us through this website. Contact Michael at icghosts@hotmail.com or call our offices in Southern California

To order your subscription
Call our Sothern California offices at: (626)791-1129
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Doll & Toy Chatter is packed with interesting articles on many different types of collectible dolls & toys...from Antique to Modern, Artist originals in various forms from ginormous to miniature.  
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Now Available: Michael J. Kouri's 49th published book Lewis Sorensen-The Master of Wax. Just $59.99 plus shipping fees. Learn of Mr. Sorensen's secret Wax Techniques, and of the various types of dolls, historical figures and life size dolls he made during his 40+ year career.

This fantastic book chronicles not only Mr. Sorensen's dolls, but his amazingly exciting life as he worked for Mode O'Day and MGM as a costume designer, dancing the nights away with the likes of Joan Crawford, Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford and many other movie stars...Lewis Sorensen traveled the world in search of rare oddities, textiles, buttons and accessories for his unique historical figures, with superlative details, allowing his figures to stand out and are now the prize pieces in the finest collections around the globe.

Michael J. Kouri researched this man and his work for over 11 years interviewing hundreds who personally knew Lewis Sorensen, family members and friends along the way. You won't want to put this fascinating book down. This large paper back book contains over 150 pages with both brilliant color and black and white photo plates.

Each of these limited edition copies come hand signed and numbered by the author himself while supplies last. The first edition is nearly sold out, so be one of the first collectors to own your copy before they are all gone for good.  To order your copy call: (626) 791-1129 to order by credit card.

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Books are shipped with Insurance and Delivery Confirmation services to ensure safe delivery and protect both our interests.  We can ship anywhere in the world, shipping fees are based on your Zip and countries Postal Codes. Returns not accepted for custom signed and numbered editions and if granted a 40% re-stocking fee will be deducted.
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Dollhouses, Miniatures
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Room Boxes
Antique Dollhouse

Every Issue includes Hitty's Page.
Join Hitty and her friends as they dive into fun and exciting Adventures as only little wooden dolls can.
Featuring the hand carved original dolls of various artists from our personal collection.
Little Hitty visits Tinkerbell at Disneyland Castle
New Book!
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Bisque figure of
Rudolph Valentino
Bisque figure of
Fanny Nebb

Moon Mullins
Antique Bisque Nodder dolls were common toys of the 1920's and 30's. Various characters shown here
Antiquarian Society of Doll Research Club Page
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Collecting American Doll Houses $39.95.
Antique Dolls of Death and Mystery $39.95. Showcasing Mourning Dolls, Toys and Victorian Collectibles with gorgeous music, and objects from collections around the world.
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NOW AVAILABLE as of Aug 2017: Sharing our Passion, Michael's opening program at the U.F.D.C. National Convention in 2014 & His Seminar Program: "Western Toys For Girls & Boys" You get 2 educational programs on 1 Limited Edition DVD Price: $49.95.
Michael J. Kouri
founder/creator of
Doll & Toy Chatter.
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Collecting Disney Then & Now, is Michael's
Newest Educational DVD created and shown at the IFTC convention in July 2017, and members of the UFDC in Aug 2017 at their National Convention in Orlando, Florida to the Cloth Doll Gathering. Filled with Disney park souvenirs, toys, plush, and whimsical music, you're sure to enjoy this imited edition DVD Price $39.95.

Michael J. Kouri donates a generous percentage of the sale of each of his Educational DVD's to various 501c3 charities annually to further the education of the joys of Collecting Toys, Dolls & and All Things Fun. These videos make wonderful programs for doll, toy and service clubs, libraries & more.